Rehoboth Pentecost Church Trenton, NJ


Eric’s Construction did my roof. I am completely satisfied with the work, punctuality, quality and price. I would and have recommended them several times since then.

Samuel A. Hamilton, NJ


ERIC with his crew from Eric’s Construction & Design replaced shingles on my roof after it was damaged by wind. He worked out all the paper work with my insurance company and did the work before the insurance company send the money. That was really nice of him. I will always recommend Eric’s Construction & DESIGN

Ike O. Hamilton, NJ


It took my wife and I a long time to pick a contractor to build an addition in our house. This addition was supposed to content my wife’s dream kitchen and a sunroom. After receiving quotes from so many different contractors, we decided to go with Eric’s Construction. Their quote was very detailed. Material prices were separated from the labor prices so we know exactly what we were paying for. Secondly, their labor price was very moderate. The crew was very punctual and paid attention to detail. The project was completed on time and on budget. We were extremely satisfy with the work and have recommended Eric’s Construction & Design too many family members and friends.

ST. Pete’s IGBO, Trenton, NJ


Before hiring Eric’s Construction to inspect our flat roof, we used to see water marks on our ceilings on different spots every time it rains. Eric’s Construction was able to identify the problem. They recommended we use Silver seal 300 Fibered aluminum roof coating to coat the entire roof. The price was moderate and I hired them for the job. With all the storms we have had this summer, I have not noticed any leak. I am so grateful with what they did. Will always really Eric’s Construction & Design.

Oliva A, Jonesboro, NJ


It took Eric’s Construction and his crew 4 days to build a 20’x15′ deck behind my house. The price was very moderate. I paid about half of what my neighbor paid for his own deck which is about the same size and same materials. My family is so pleased with the deck and we will always use Eric’s Construction & Design for all our future projects.

Juliana B, Burtonsville, MD


I used a streamline loan to make repairs on my new home and Eric’s Construction did an excellent job. From the paper work to the completion of the repairs. They did an excellent job in remodeling my bathroom. I was very pleased with the installation of the multiple head faucet which was installed in my bathroom. I have their number on my speed dial.

Brian P, Smyrna, DE


I hired Eric’s Construction to replace the Laminate Floor in my entire house. I was amazed how quickly the job was done and how they cleaned up. They vacuumed the floor and put back my furniture at the exact position where there were. I will always use their services.